cedar oil concentrate

Cedar Choice Pro Concentrate

Cedar Choice Pro Concentrate is a specially formulated Agricultural grade Cedar Oil compound concentrate derived form from the oil of Juniperus Virginiana.

It is effective in control of all Non-Beneficial insects and arthropods without danger to humans, pets, wildlife, livestock or fish. Safe for humans and animals.

Kills Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Flies, Chiggers, No-See-Ums, Mites, Moths, Bed Bugs, Japanese Beetles, Scorpions, Carpet Beetles, Ants, Mole Crickets, Termites, Box Elder Bugs, Silver Fish, Roaches, Palmetto Bugs, Lice and numerous other Non-Beneficial Insects. It has no effect on beneficial insects such as Lady Bugs, Butterflies and amphibians such as Frogs and Toads.

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Available in 4 oz. (makes 2 Gallons), Quart (16 Gallons), and Gallon (64 Gallons) sizes

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